Habits of Mine OR What I did in the holidays...

I like the concept behind Art Costa's Habits of Mind but I'm not convinced they are easy for early students to follow. So I rewrote them. : )

I kept the general framework; the idea that there is a series of traits consistent with success isn't exactly unique, but I tried to build them from a student's perspective instead. I tried to keep the language simple, almost conversational, and the concepts are broken down into real world skills that allow students to pick out pieces of the trait that may have greater relevance to them. 

I have attached a series of tools that help people develop competence with each trait and I've tried to set these up so that they can work as troubleshooters for problem solving.

Anyway, that's about it! The smaller versions are below and link to a single file with all of the posters included at a printable resolution (A3, 300dpi). I went a bit crazy and built these at B0 size too which means each poster can also be printed out at 1 metre by 1.4 metres (or something like that) if you'd like to have focal points for your class. I haven't put these online yet, so find me on twitter if you'd like a copy of the supersized versions.

Some of the tools listed at the base of each poster are still being developed (send me your ideas!) but I've added all the ones I've finished since they obviously increase the usability of the posters! In time I'll add some walk-throughs to explain their use but that's a while away. Some are easy to figure out but drop me a line if you'd like to use one that doesn't make sense. They are designed to work together, loosely fitting under some of the language we've started to use in class to help students work through tasks without being overwhelmed.



Round Table

  Negotiate (Coming Soonish):
Self Development Grid
Deck of Decisions

  Delegate (Coming Soonish):
Flow Chart

  Create (Mostly Checklists):


  Innovate (Half done!):

Phew! Well that's about it for the moment. I'll also be adding the Passport files once I've figured out how they'll work, and the Level Up booklets.

Until then... enjoy.